You're Wrong About

Napster with Niko Stratis

February 13, 2023 Sarah Marshall
You're Wrong About
Napster with Niko Stratis
Show Notes

This week, a tale of two Shawns/Seans, their impossible dream, and the file sharing service that lived fast, died young, and helped create the internet as we know it. Plus, Metallica.

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Resources cited in the show introduction:

The Racial Roots Behind the Term "Nappy" on NPR's Code Switch

The Complex History and Politicization of Black Hair in America, presented by Danielle Harvey

Coiled by Leanne Aile

"The Other N-Word" by Shalwah Evans

"How Natural Black Hair at Work Became a Civil Rights Issue" by Chanté Griffin

"The Natural Hair Movement" by Kamina Wilkerson

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